Friday, March 5, 2010

It looks like leather...

and it goes great with corduroy to make my second version of a newsboy style cap. Yet, the fabric I used for the brim and band are 100% polyester. I originally bought this fabric when I made cowboy "chaps" for my sons several years back. The great thing I'm discovering with my hat making experiments, is that sometimes all you need are scraps.

Pairing corduroy (from an outgrown shirt of my son's) and these "leather-like" scraps gave me a comfy and casual styled hat.

I'm still staying simple with my detailing. I used a twin needle to do my top stitching in thread coloured to match the "leather" and used a self covered button to add to the very top of the hat.

I'm enjoying the learning process (and the wearable end results) of my hat making ventures. I will come clean and tell you that not all of my "great" ideas have resulted in hats I'm happy to wear. I've definitely stitched up some 'tossers'. I won't be posing in them. They're that bad. They do seem to be a part of my creative process - I learn something every time I make a flop and I'm grateful for that much. Just curious, what do you do when you make a 'tosser'?


  1. Wow! You've done a great job! But You, Yourself are great!!!!

    Can't answer your question because I haven't the slightest idea what's a "tosser"...

  2. I usually keep it for years thinking one day I will fix it, then when I stumble upon it once again I toss it thinking "why would I have ever thought I could fix this p.o.s.!!!"

  3. My dodgey creations end up in the kids dress-up box or the scrap bin (which usually ends up at a kindergarten anyway).

    You can't advance your design skills without a few "learning experiences. It's as important to know what NOT to do next time as what to repeat.

  4. Too cute! The brim fabric is awesome.
    I've had more than my share of tossers. LOL
    If they're bags/totes that aren't too bad, I'll just keep them for my niece to play with or keep her toys in them. If they're real stinkers, I take them apart and reuse the fabric for something else.

    Kimberly :-)

  5. Haven't been for a visit in a little while..... glad I saw your latest creation. Looks great on you!

    Love your button creations! What fun!


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