Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The answer is clear

Recently, my mom phoned me with a sewing problem. She's wanting to sew swimsuit bags for the grandchildren that take swimming lessons, but she wanted to make them economically. Giving her some ideas of what to do, I decided to see what I could make using what I had on hand.
Lucky for me, I received some scrap pieces of oilcloth fabrics from my friend Jacqueline. I decided to use this cute toile oilcloth for the inside of the bag. Now, what to use for the front that wouldn't hide the toile? How about using the vinyl covers from those sample books I have? This way, the bag is waterproof AND you can still see the pretty toile from the outside.

Trying to photograph this was tricky. The vinyl reflects light!
To show that there really is a layer of clear vinyl over the toile, I put some buttons into the bag for the photos.

I made binding for all of the edges, with a loop at one end of the zippered top

and used the same fabric to back the toile. To waterproof the seams I need to purchase some seam sealant, but even as is, this should work to carry anything damp.

It makes me happy when I find a way to re purpose whatever I have into something useful, like this waterproof bag made from scraps and a vinyl sample book cover.


  1. Always ingenious, Katherine!
    So many thing to read after a long break!
    God luck for your new trade!

  2. good luck you are like McGiever at the sewing machine!

  3. What a great idea! I want one of these for myself, though it would have to be much bigger to fit my suit lol.


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