Monday, May 17, 2010

Figuring out a solution

sometimes takes me longer than I would like. That's the case with trying to figure out how to sash the 12 blocks I sewed from my (then meagre) stash. While trying to be thrifty, I used at least 4 different white fabrics for the block backgrounds. Obviously, it meant that I couldn't use white for the sashing (as this would emphasis the fact that nothing matched) and so this quilt got put aside as I didn't have a fabric that would tie it all together.

I added the WIP to my Spring to Finish Challenge list and went searching for a fabric to sash my blocks. Above, is an up close shot of it - the colours aren't showing well in my photo. It's a chocolate brown background with tiny leaves in red, yellow and green with gold accents. All of those colours can be found in my blocks.
Here's a shot of the blocks laid out with all the sashing strips before being sewn together.

I'm finding it hard to get true colour photos of this. Not sure if it's the colours of the fabric itself, or the lighting in my house. For fun, I've hung the completed quilt top in front of the living room window, making the fabric look like stained glass.

It's not quite a finish yet, but at least I'm getting closer! Hopefully, figuring out a backing and binding fabric won't take me as long as the sashing did. ;o)


  1. looking good! sashing is always tricky for me too!

  2. Great choice for the sashings Katherine! Hurray for an almost finish!

  3. Beautiful work

    You have received blogger awards from Peg


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