Thursday, May 13, 2010

Linen, linings and labels

Hopefully, I'm not boring you to tears with posting about the linen bags I'm making from samples. This is my newest version, complete with a cotton lining and ribbon on the zipper pulls.
The opposite side has larger scale blooms.

All of the bags I've made in this series have quilting cotton for lining and an interior zippered pocket.
I ended up waiting to sew the linings in all of these bags until I could print up labels for them. I followed the self made labelling tutorial found on Patchwork Pottery.

Why did I wait for including labels? Fingers crossed, I'm going to put these bags for sale along with the hats that I've made.


  1. nope not bored yet. are you going to sell at the farmer's markets?
    great labels!

  2. Beautiful bags. I bet they are fun to sew. I love choosing colors, don't you? Can't wait to see more.

  3. Not bored at all, I love to see all the varieties of bags you make and thanks for the link to the label tutorial!

    We will all be waiting for your own etsy shop...!!

  4. I love your bags - glad to hear you're planning on making them available for all of us!


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