Saturday, May 22, 2010


I finished up those scrappy place mats from a couple of days ago. Including the latest five - I now have a set of nine and each one is different.

I found everything I needed in my stash. Hard to believe I still have so many red fabrics to work with. I even made the binding using scraps.

Here's the flip side of two place mats:

this way you can see that although the backing fabric is the same, the bindings are different. Love it!

This project means another Spring to Finish Challenge completion. Whew. Maybe I will get 10 projects finished before the end of the Challenge!


  1. Beautiful!!!
    How can you get finished so many quilting works in short time???

  2. love the free motion you did...have to file that in my brain for another time

  3. They look great. Keeping the colours the same in each one really unites them as a set.

    Love the quilted hearts...perfect for a valentine's dinner!

  4. Those quilted hearts are gorgwous! Lovely set Katherine!

  5. Lovely! You have a talent for assembling the colours into beautiful patterns and they truly look 1 set!


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