Thursday, June 17, 2010

I don't care if it's raining

because I received some "sunshine" in my mailbox today. Look at what Janelle sent:

a beautiful, handmade Rose bag (isn't it gorgeous???? and she let me chose the yummy chocolate colour - it will go with lots in my wardrobe), a bundle of selvedges (yay!), a sweet little babushka key chain AND a cute bag pattern (I now have my very first Rosalie Quinlan design pattern!).
Can I tell you how much fun swapping is? This was a private swap that Janelle approached me about (after I was on her blog drooling over the bags she makes) and I'm so happy she suggested it. I'm continually amazed at how blogging has given me the opportunity to share and get to make friends nearby and from around the world.
~Thank you Janelle for the generous swap - I'm delighted with each and every goody you sent. Talk about brightening my day!
** Has anyone else been having issues with Blogger??? I've been experiencing trouble today - I struggled to get even one photo uploaded. Pity, because I had more shots to show of Janelle's lovely bag. Maybe I'll try again later... at least with this shot you get a glimpse of what bounty I received.**


  1. Love the Bag. Now why did I imediately think as soon as I saw it that it would go so well with so many of your lovely hats!!!!!!

  2. You are most welcome sweetie, I am just so thrilled you agreed to swap with me :) I will let you know the minute Mr Postman arrives here with your parcel.
    Janelle xx

  3. Blogging has most defintly been a blessing to are a sweet and lucky girl indeed!

  4. Blogger seems to hate me too.

  5. Lovely gifts Katherine!

    I have no blogger issues...LOL! I’m a Wordpress girl!

  6. Blogger always blocks my photo uploading - I feel grateful if I can get two photos on my blog! I just make drafts when I can and then go back later to add more photos and comments before publishing!


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