Friday, June 18, 2010

My side of the swap

I can now show you what I made for Janelle - without it spoiling the surprise. Happily, my swap package to her has arrived.
Janelle loves Babushka dolls and I love the Rose bags she makes - we had the makings of a fun swap. I decided a handmade card featuring one of her beloved dolls would fit the bill.

Janelle also mentioned that she likes selvedges. Yep. A girl after my own heart. ;o) It seemed to me that I needed (you know me and my penchant for bag making) to make a bag to put the Babushka dolls into and this is what I came up with...

a fun way to use those selvedges!

The bag is quilted,

trimmed with self-made piping and lined with Kaffe Fassett fabric.

* The design for this bag is from Denise Clason's book, Quilted Bags and Totes. *

Here are the Babushka girls I made for Janelle in 'shabby chic' colours,

with a wee bit of selvedge to this doll.

The fabric combination on each doll varies,

but each has brown hair (like Janelle's real family).

Here they are for their 'group' photo. I hear that they're happily settled into their new home. ;o)

Thanks again for swapping with me Janelle!


  1. Ohhh, those private swaps are the best, aren’t they Katherine!? We also had so much fun making gifts for each other. I happily use your gifts and always think back at those moments I doubted what to make you...LOL!

    I totally love your babushka doll group and the selvedge bag is awsome!

  2. are they the cutest girls around. brings a smile to my face today. well done...nice to see the sun a bit today isn't it?

  3. gorgeous parcel for janelle......I am sure she would love it..........

  4. What a pretty family of Babushka's- who wouldn't love them. Well done! Where do I sign up for a swap? Thanks for a lovely blog! Suz

  5. My Daughter has named them all :) I took them to work today (I work in a fabric store!)& all the customers drooled over them. Thanks again xx

  6. how fun! they're all so cute, and that selvedge bag is so unique! Janelle is one lucky girl!

  7. Janelle showed me these today. They are absolutely delightful. Kim :)

  8. Katerine, I love them! What pattern did you use for the bag? I save selvedges, also, and think that bag is a great pattern for them!

  9. What a lovely parcel! The bag is great, specially with so many sweet Babushka dolls!

  10. I love the whole thing! I want to swap with you, what a fab package! And the bag she made you is just gorgeous. So nice to get to trade with such talented ladies. :)

    Of course now I need to drop what I'm doing and dig out some fabric to make dolls . . . ;)

  11. Love that photo of the dolls all peeking out of that fun bag - what a clever design.

  12. Love all the swap goodies!!Your family of dolls in their selvedge bag is so sweet.


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