Thursday, June 24, 2010

See what happens

when you're inspired by a good book? You start cutting little squares of fabric
and combine them with linen to make a gift for a friend...

but then you can't stop. You HAVE to make another.
You choose different fabrics, play with the sizes and you
fall in love with the look of linen and patchwork.
Still, you can't stop. Sewing. Changing dimensions. Adding a strap.

Can you see what happens when you get inspired by a good book?


  1. Welcome to the world of Zakka lovers!

    Linen and cotton prints, the best there is. I love the bag from the book and it’s on my list. Guess it will stay there a little longer... LOL!

  2. Won-der-fuuuuu!
    I love linen, alawys!

  3. Oh this reminds me... I must work on Zoes quilt....I keep thinking about it and then do nothing with these bags too!

    p.s.AHHHHHHHH my verification word is "bednest" Ok- I wll take that as a sign...must work on quilt today!!!!!!!

  4. You're just like that mouse in If You Give a Mouse a Cookie - If You Give Katherine Some Scraps (she will make something wonderful!). ;-)

  5. Beautiful work! I love linen and quilting cottons combined. I have recently bought that book - lots of inspiring projects.

  6. I have already made one of these bags, they are so cute! Love the owl!

  7. Such gorgeousness Katherine, do you own that book now?


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