Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Feelin' the love... right down to my toes

I will be the first to admit that I have been very blessed to have wonderful friends in my life. How wonderful? Well, one of my sweet friends drove here for a visit last week (we live 8 driving hours apart since my move 2 summers ago) and she brought all kinds of gifts. These are early birthday gifts (my birthday is in August). I received handmade and heartfelt gifts from three of my dearest friends.

Samantha knit me the most beautiful socks (and I'm wearing them as I type - they are fabulous)...
Heather gathered Pyrex bread pans (baked my bread in them yesterday- wahoo!) and some vintage sewing treasures including the pretty pink fabric forming the backdrop in this shot...
Jacqueline gave me some more pieces of her fabulous fabric scraps,

a locally handwoven linen/cotton dishtowel,
gorgeous yardage - including the cutest Japanese prints,
a zip pouch with a sweet bird applique she made that was filled with more treats.
Pretty hard not to feel loved when you receive so many thoughtful and generous gifts. I'm tellin' ya.
Thank you so much Samantha, Heather and Jacqueline. I am overwhelmed.


  1. WOw - that's some spoiling! Lucky you!!!

  2. You deserve every bit of it! You have to be a great friend to have great friends:-) Love you!

  3. Thou art well loved.... and that is GOOD!

  4. Wonderful gifts from friends!

    I suddenly remember I first met you via fourfriendsandablog!!


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