Friday, July 30, 2010

Figuring it out

I figure if I'm going to be ripping out stitches, putting in an old movie will make the task less odious. I love old movies and managed to find "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town" starring Gary Cooper, at the library, which is one that I'd never watched. Movie playing, stitch ripping these blocks was accomplished quickly with me moving on to cutting new strips for the charms.
Ta-da. Here's the re-do. The quilt uses all of the 35 charm squares and most of the scrap bag fabric strips. I did end up searching the stash to help keep things scrappy looking, but I think the new fabrics fit in nicely (I've laid the quilt top on the backing fabric in this photo - I was seeing how they measured up to one another).
Now I'm dithering over making the top larger as this one is only 43" x 59". Not sure what I'd use it for at this size.

I think I'd like to make it a bit wider, but now that I've used up all the charms, I'm wondering about making a scrappy border to add width or should I see if I could cobble together some more blocks? What do you think?

*Thanks for the feedback on the coin purses. I just have to write that tutorial - all the pics are ready and then I will share ASAP.


  1. Personally I would add more blocks and not put on a border.

    The blocks look great!

  2. Katherine, I have 8 squares left from the charm pack A Day in the Country. Will it be of any help if I send those your way, so you can make another row to the quilt? Please let me know!

  3. So beautiful!! Can you find close to matching fabric to create more blocks? If not, I think a border would look lovely as well.

  4. What a beautiful quilt top - love the colours and fabrics you have used.

  5. Your quilts are always so beautiful!

    And I just love your coin purses and can't wait for the tutorial :)

  6. You may have finished it by now, but I think it could do with some more squares. I have a similiar quilt (a Rosalie Quinlan pattern called 'Rebekah Amy') that is made with 10x10 squares. Your combinations of colours is delicious.

  7. The colors are so lovely. I am about to start a duvet cover but I don't think that I will be as adventurous as you have been.
    I really enjoy your attention to detail. I just look at your "loot bag" tutorial. Very well done and I will get to make that soon.


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