Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gifts for a small boy

How about a brightly coloured tote to hold his treasures?

A quilted, mini tic-tac-toe game board
with a matching pouch to hold the game board counters.

A little lizard stuffie that's spotty on one side
and soft as velvet on the other.
These are the handmade and heartfelt gifts for a special little boy that's visiting us today with his sisters.


  1. What great gifts - have to tuck these ideas away for sometime in the future!

  2. Very sweet gifts Katherine! Love the frog fabric you used for the tote bag!

  3. T is loading up the bag with all his Playmobil guys and his little cars. He just LOVES this bag and all the little goodies inside. It's perfect. A huge thank you!


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