Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I couldn't stop

and it looks like I went into production stitching up fabric cards! I did tell you about this grand scheme of mine when I made these before.
I keep a container of "strings" (which are basically bits of fabric too small for much else, but too pretty to part with) and decided I really needed to put a dent in my collection.

This one is my current favourite. I love those bits of vintage ric rac in this patchwork combination. Stitching these cards is a quick, relaxing and gratifying way to spend my evening. This will not be the last I make. You can count on it. ;o)


  1. Glad we can count it......... too pretty not to do it again and again and again.

  2. So pretty and fresh. I think I'd want to frame a group of them and put them up on my wall to enjoy daily. ;-)

  3. they are gorgeous! what a great use for the little tiny scraps. i'm going to save my strings now and try it myself!

  4. Those cards are so happy and pretty Katherine! It’s amazing what you put together with those litle scraps!


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