Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My creative space

in its "before" state....
This would be the the room that raises the most eyebrows - and not necessarily in an admiring way ;o) Finally, it received a major overhaul this weekend when I bought this much needed metal shelving. I had no problem filling the new shelving from top to bottom...
giving me a chance to rework this corner set of shelves and the space around it.
*Please try to ignore the surrounding boxes. I ran out of shelves to unpack everything onto. Admittedly, the latest shelving is a small step in getting this space fully organized, rather than being the final wrap up. It's a work in progress, I'm patiently accepting {fingers crossed that my family continues to be so understanding with all this}. ;o)
The real happy news? I no longer have towers of plastic bins filled with thread, lace, snaps, zippers etc. stacked on the floor. My supplies are within easy reach without the hassle of unstacking 10 bins to get to the one on need, which always seems to be the one on the bottom. It actually feels as if I've created more space in this room - without having to get rid of any of anything.
It feels so good to be more organized, although I think it only reveals just how much sewing paraphernalia I actually have. {gulp}
I have determined that I MUST make a size able dent in the hoard before our next move (approx. a year from now). I've somehow managed to amass 6 tubs of fabric, 1 tub of knitting/needlepoint/crochet supplies and one tub dedicated to recycling thrifted woolens ( these tubs are the large ones stacked two high along the panelled wall).
Now that my creative space received a bit of a makeover, I've been steadily stitching away and have some projects to share with you. Nothing like a bit of a tidy up to get me more motivated with my sewing!


  1. overhauls always make me feel better too. i just worked in the garden today..too hard...my fingers hurt. can't wait to see what you are making!

  2. Good for you! With me, I still have to work in my own little space. Mine is so uninspiring. I can't wait to make it look inspiring. LOL!

  3. aaahhhh...isn't it a great feeling to know you've organized even a bit? :-)
    It looks like you have a nice size space to work in.

    Happy sewing!

  4. Isn't it wonderful to have things all sorted and easy to reach. Good for you - the space looks great!

  5. Great looking space!

    Cleaning and reorganizing always makes my mind clear! Such a shame I’m the best in making a mess again withing a blink!

  6. When I think of organizing my studio, that's as far as I get. I get distracted so easily. I have small stacks of things. Projects gathered together, etc. But congratulations. I am envious. Sometimes I yell at myself for "going Gray Gardens" but I do eventually use everything or pass it on, so no worry!
    I do find great comfort in my dedicated room and maybe that is what stops me from energetically cleaning.


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