Friday, July 9, 2010

Selvedges, Linen and Scraps

I just finished a prototype on a design that's been on my mind, using selvedges I stitched together awhile back

combined with linen and some pretty fabric scraps (from my generous friend Jacqueline - she has the best scraps!).
I'm going the long way around in revealing what this project is. *I'll give you a hint... this is the outside view and that zipper compartment is for coins.*

This is the inside view, where you can see I had fun combining many different fun prints.
Finally, here is my new wallet folded up and ready to go...

with the coin compartment waiting to be filled! ;o)
I took my wallet out for its test run last night. I'm thinking I may tweak the design a bit yet - I suspect I need more ease in the proportions to allow for the over stuffing I tend to put my wallets through. Um.... no, that over stuffing would not be from a burgeoning supply of cash ( I wish), but more like I tend to jam lists, receipts, coupons and assorted paper miscellanea into my wallets - totally "blimping" them up. No guesses as to why my purse gets so heavy, right? ;o)


  1. This is THE perfect wallet - with the place for a pen or pencil - I'm always looking for my pen...
    Well done, Katherine.

  2. Since I hate to waste, that would be the perfect wallet for me. All the selvedges that I have thrown away over the years. You made that wallet with such cheerful colors. It is very attractive and since you are giving it "a test run", please tell us in detail how you would improve it.

  3. Are you SERIOUS.... trust your creative processes to do something wonderful with selvedges!

    What fun...... and what a great wallet!

    I need to link this one for my mom to see.... she'd get a charge from it.

  4. Oh how much fun is that! I get "stuck" on my purses and wallets and use them for as long as humanly possible, not sure making one right now would get me to give up my big pink wallet but it is tempting!

  5. Wow that wallet turned out super cute. I simply love the selvage work you do!

  6. Great little wallet - I've been saving selvedges for some time now, not sure what to do with them, but too good to throw away. Lately a few quilters have posted ideas with selvedges - now I want to do all of them!! LOL

  7. What a gorgeous, and extremely unique purse. You should make one of Lisa's (A Spoonful of Sugar) loyalty card keepers to match (there's a tutorial on her blog), it will help keep the bulk out of your purse.

  8. So fun! And what a great use of selvedges. Love that it has the pen holder - that is such a brilliant idea (says the person who can never find her pen...not even in the house, actually).

  9. Great use of selvedges! LOve the colours.

    You’re so clever -again-!

  10. That's SO cute!! Or - rather - that's something GOOD!! ;)


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