Thursday, August 12, 2010

Easy-Peasy Baby Quilt

I'm taking a chance sharing this online before this gift reaches its new home but I'm willing to guess that the new momma isn't online as much these days. Hopefully, I'm not spoiling her surprise... but then again she doesn't even know I made her babe something.
Let me start off by saying that the finished quilt looks nothing like the kit directed. I was kinda bored by the way the original looked... so I completely changed the design, added some fabrics from my stash and did my own thing. Of course, I'm not saying what I came up with is more complicated. No, this is a really easy design. It's a big fabric square surrounded by little squares. Simple, right?

Now, because I changed the kit's design, I didn't have enough of the kit fabric to finish the backing. What's a girl to do? Add in a strip of squares from the front of the quilt!

The thing I really like about this baby quilt is that I've combined different textures. There's corduroy, flannel and some quilting cotton to mix things up.

I kept the quilting simple, too. Stipple quilt the heck out of the central flannel square and then "x's" through the smaller squares. Easy-peasy.


  1. Well I certainly think any new mom would love to have this. I like simple.

  2. Love the mix of textures - what a sweet baby gift.

  3. What wonderful gift - sure to be treasured!

  4. This is a beautiful quilt. The most cherished items are those not bought, but ones crafted with selfless love and are, like a handmade children’s quilt and crib quilts.


  5. YAY! I just saw you on One Pretty Thing! How fun!

  6. That fits in with my definition of a perfect baby quilt. There is an air of utility (which allows the mother to use it every day) and the air of artistry the compels one to look again. Really like it! Plus the quilting is really attractive.

  7. i adore this idea, katherine. so sweet and simple. just right.


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