Friday, August 13, 2010

Winging it

I love making gifts. Figuring out what to make sometimes is the hardest part. I always strive to make something I know will be liked, made use of and enjoyed. The best part about handmade gift making is making it memorable (whether it's with a special fabric or a unique stitching detail) - something you won't find in mass produced items.
This time around, I was making a gift for a little girl. I decided she might like a doll quilt and with no pattern in mind, I came up with this.

Not only did I "wing it" with the pattern design, I did the same with the quilting...

hearts in a row and flowers all over

one large flower, loop de loops and a small space of straight line quilting.

The quilting designs just developed as I moved from block to block.

The whole process was fun and this definitely fits the "one-of-a-kind" description. It's not a work of perfection, but it's not meant to be.


  1. I know I would have sat and run my finger along the lines when I was little. I use to do that with the quilt my great grandmother made for me. These lines would make that extra fun! What a lucky little girl this will be!

  2. a little girl and her doll will just love this

  3. I'd say you have a gift for 'winging it'!

    I still love how you put fabrics and colors together!

  4. What a charming gift. She will treasure it for sure.

  5. Such gorgeousness, the flannel fabric looks so cozy all quilted up.

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  7. Amei seu blog e já estou seguindo!


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