Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another journal cover!

It seems that these journal covers are my latest favourite way to turn fabric scraps into something useful.  Each time I look at the scrap collection I visualize another journal cover!

Making one in bright pinks and greens is a cheerful contrast to the grey and very rainy fall here.  I'm completing these covers just in time as I find I've got all sorts of planning and creative brainstorming I need to get down on paper.  Hopefully, these journal covers will give my writing a much needed creative boost.  September seems like the right month for planning out goals and dreaming up dreams for the months ahead.
You know I can't resist sharing what the whole cover looks like...
I pushed myself to incorporate as many of the tiniest pieces that I possibly could.   The more fabrics, the better when it comes to scrappy patchwork! ;o)
The pink variegated thread I bought for making this quilt, was used to simply stipple quilt all this patchy goodness together.


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