Friday, September 10, 2010

Blue Patchwork Journal Cover

For my dear friend, Heather, I made a journal cover using scraps of blue fabric.  I dove into the stash of fabric samples from my thrifty adventures and included pieces from some of my own personal projects.

Here's a look at the complete outside of the cover, laid flat,

and here's the inside of the cover.
These quilted covers are such a simple and pleasing way to dress up a plain journal.   Did I mention that they are also a fun way to use up scraps?  I like to think they also make nice gifts. ;o)


  1. you are going to have to show me how to make these...on Tuesday

  2. Very nice I must say, Great idea too, I have done some little notebooks similar to this and have included a little loop for a pen ! Just a thought...

  3. They DO make nice gifts! And last night I was still thinking about whether I should use it as a gratitude journal or a gardening/preserving/wildcrafting record book and then I had the thought...why not both? I'm usually especially grateful when I am gardening, preserving and wildcrafting so why not use it for my gratitude lists mixed in amongst my records of preserving recipes and harvest records. Thank you for such a thoughtful gift (and in the colours I love!).

  4. Look at all those tiny bits of fabric.... you amaze me with your scrappy-quilt projects. What a lovely gift.

  5. you are the queen of scrappiness! Love these covers-and i not not too shocked to be seeing a blue one!

  6. They are beautiful gifts that make your friends very happy!


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