Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Travelling to the mountains and then to the prairies

My family and I made a whirlwind trip - four out of the ten days of holidays were spent driving us to our destinations (which are opposites on the compass in relation to where we live).  We had one day at home between the two trips to give us a chance to do laundry, refill our travel bags and reload the cooler with travel foods. ;o)  
Here's a bit of a quick overview at some of the activities we enjoyed ...
                                                              mountain biking,
insect catching (in this case, it's a praying mantis that hopped aboard my eldest son while he was in pursuit of an orb weaver spider),
huckle berry picking (for immediate consumption!),
salamander catching,

 and tractor driving,

all mixed in with catching up with dear friends and family while stuffing ourselves with delicious food.  There's nothing like fresh from the garden veggies (thank you, Heather!) and we were lucky enough to have some bounty sent home with us. This is a wonderful time of year to travel!  Of course all that travel and fun meant that some of us didn't wait until we got home to start catching up on some much needed sleep. ;o)

I'm still catching up, but I'm re-energized and think I'm more ready after our little break, to tackle the challenges of the new season ahead.  Still trying to figure out how September came upon us so quickly. ;o)


  1. welcome home. let me know when you want to get together. I start back to work at the end of the month so don't leave it too long! :)

  2. hey friend! Glad to see you had a great time!

  3. Great pictures! Sounds like you had a great time. I hope you'll play along on my blog when I launch my new photography game on Saturday called "Foto Finish." I'd love to see more of your photography. Take care.

  4. Welcome back my friend! You sure had a lovely time. September, yes, it’s ridiculous, before you know you will be decorating the Christmas tree again!

  5. Yes September does seem untimely! And Nicolette is right. We will soon be decorating the Christmas tree. Glad you had such a great break!

  6. So fun to see the contrast in landscapes when you put the two photos next to each other like that. Was SO good to see you, will look forward to our next visit.

  7. Hi Katherine! My boys sleep in the car as well when we do long trips. Just be slightly lower.

  8. Thank you for coming to visit. It was great to have all of you here. It's fun to see the pictures.

  9. Welcome home :) Thanks for sharing your holiday photos, I especially love the one of your 'Big Boys' asleep in the back of the car.

  10. What a lovely holiday qith your family! Beautiful places, thanks for sharing the photos.


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