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from concept to completion and ready to be sent to my baby niece (insert a huge sigh of relief and satisfaction ;o).   I will admit that I had moments where I wanted to walk away from example of such a moment was when I had unpicked my quilting THREE times because of inconsistent tension.  Tension worked fine on test samples but messed up on my quilt. Grrr.
 This is the final result - after being laundered.
 I'm quite happy with all the crinkle-y goodness that resulted from all my machine quilting.
Initially I knew I wanted to free motion quilt a continuous flower design onto each of the six improv blocks, but I got stuck after that.  I ended up making the "flowers" grow until they touched one another and went right to the edges of the whole quilt top.  I think it worked.  Especially for the backing. .
 Click on the two photos below to see the difference in texture that laundering gave the quilt back. The first picture is the "before"...
 and this is the "after".
 What a thrill to have completed a quilt that was completely of my own making.  I usually start with a quilt design or a pattern inspired by someone else.  Then I go on to make it mine by "tweaking" a pattern.  This time it was mine from the inception.  I WILL be doing this again.


  1. Such a sweet improv quilt and a great finish Katherine!

  2. It's beautiful. You must be very proud!

  3. well done! any child would love to snuggle with this!

  4. Pretty, pretty! I love it. Well done Katherine! I am glad (well, not glad, but more relieved to know) that others struggle with the quilting for no apparent reason. Nice sticktoitness!

  5. Beautiful work! I think that is the biggest struggle with sewing/quilting- sticking with it despite frustrations! It has been my un-doing many times!
    The quilt looks so cozy- it is sure to be a favorite "comfort".

  6. The quilt is delicious! I'm sure it will look even cuter snuggled around your neice :)

  7. So pretty and girly. Your niece will love it.

  8. Beautiful work Katherine!!
    Such a stunning quilt.
    Andi :-)

  9. Very did a great job. I bet she will love it!

  10. Don't you love the "improv" idea that ends up taking all of your time. It turned out spectacular, Really!! And Baby will love to feel the crinkles. Colors are wonderful as well.


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