Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More making it up as I go along

I finished the  "making it up as I go along" quilt top today and then had to manage something similar for the backing. 
 The fabric I based my whole quilt idea on was the large rose print in Tanya Whelan's Ava Rose collection.  I only had a yard of it to make the backing, so I grabbed all the scraps left from designing the quilt top and did some piecing.
 I sewed two strips of random patchwork onto the main floral piece to have enough to make the quilt back  (I've even left the selvedges on  until I'm done with quilting - can't afford to cut any off this one yard piece!).
Why is it that I'm happiest when I'm grabbing every scrap I can and working out a fabric puzzle?  Making it up as I go along, is a patchwork style that seems to suit me. ;o)


  1. Looks fantastic! This is my most favourite way to work too. I especially love making what you have work for the backing. It's the best!

  2. It means your an improv quilter by heart! It looks great!

  3. GUESS. WHAT. I. AM. GETTING. FOR. MY. BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! All the necessary equipment in order to make my machine QUILT!!! SQUEAL! Now instead of just drooling over your creations I get to make somme of my own!!! (I really need to get back to blogging this stuff)

  4. looks fabulous. I love figuring it out as I go along too. Takes a little longer, but then it is unique...working on a fall crumb quilt right now. Enjoy the sunshine.

  5. And it's so wonderful to have people like you in the world - to make up quilts and patterns for those like me who can only work from a pattern!! Beautiful quilt! Blessings, Peg

  6. I really enjoy how you work. I don't like to throw away any scrap either. You never know when that precious piece will be perfect for that special project!
    The quilt is wonderful and perfect. On to the next!

  7. I think it is wonderful, I too a most inspired by just going for it and let it happen



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