Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cheery cherries in the snow?

The snowy weather we've been having certainly makes me feel quite content to stay inside and work on some sewing projects.  The idea for this little bag popped into my head a couple of nights ago, so I quickly drew up the pattern and  then made it up out of some of my less favourite fabric.  Happy with that prototype's look, I decided to grab some prettier fabric to make another.  Happier yet, was discovering that the scrap of cherry fabric (from my friend Jacqueline), was just big enough to make a second demo bag from my design.

Yesterday I reworked the flap for the pocket - it just wasn't quite right.

 The lovely loop-pull zipper came from the haul I gathered this past Spring and had been waiting for just the right project.

 I added pockets inside on the front and back, but I'm not quite satisfied with them.  I think I need to change their height, but it's hard to be too upset with that detail when the fabric is this cheery.


  1. Could I have mine with a cherry on top?

    CUTE......... I see the frosty weather is not affecting your creativity any..... glad for it!

  2. Hello Katherine,

    Just love your little purse. That fabric really does shine.
    Happy creating.

  3. so cheerful! love the cherry and dot combo:-) miss you!

  4. Lovely little purse! Cherries... they remind me of warm days in June!

  5. this is so lovely, love the fabric, love the construction

  6. I think this color scheme is just my favorite of yours. So bright and happy! We don't have any snow yet and really it can wait a while! I am not ready for that just yet!

  7. Oh, so cute - and the fabric really does cheer up a cold winter day!


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