Friday, November 12, 2010

Scraps left from quiltmaking? Try this idea.

My newest project
used up the remaining bit of scraps left from making this quilt,

which has it's own bit of scrappy-ness included on its backing.

 What could I make with the few remaining tidbits of fabric?  A scrappy patchwork envelope style cushion cover!  (Whew.  That's a pretty long moniker.)
Granted, I had to toss in an extra scrap or two that didn't come from making the quilt, just so I would have enough for the cushion patchwork, but everything here came from my stash.  The main fabric is the remaining yardage I used for making the quilt's binding.  This chocolate brown 'finger paint" design looks rich and at a distance, it's hard to guess that it's even quilting cotton.
 My original design idea was to use pom-pom fringe around the cushion covers edge, but this fluffy fringe I scooped up at a thrift store ages ago, seemed a better choice.
 Flip the cushion over and here's the reverse view.
 I'm so pleased with my new design that I could be persuaded to  sew scrappy patchwork cushion covers to match my other sofa quilts.   Watching a movie never looked more inviting. ;o)


  1. How rich the colours look against the lovely brown material and the fringe just finishes it off.

  2. What a great idea - any chance of a tutorial in the near future?

  3. Pillow cover looks great! Very creative and how good did it feel to get rid of some scraps!

  4. Love the velvety richness of that chocolate brown design......

  5. Psst.... I wanted to invite you to see a quilt my mom made. We worked on finishing it last week at my house when she came to visit.

    I'm not a quilter but I do love what quilters do with all those scraps of fabric.


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