Wednesday, November 17, 2010


while they are doing this,
I'm supposed to be working on this... 
but, I'm playing around with a new idea and reworking this....
What are you working on today?


  1. Oh, Snow!!! It's going to be 37 degrees C (98.6 F) today in Perth! Can I come to your place?
    I'd much rather be reworking/sewing, the aqua and red look delicious together.

  2. Wow, looks like you got quite a lot of snow. We've just got a little here (although enough that the boys were sledding on Saturday morning) but the forecast calls for more all week. Looks like the boys are in the middle of a serious discussion in that photo - trying to work out who shovels what, maybe?? ;-)

    The snow certainly makes it feel as though it is a good time to snuggle in and work on some projects (and maybe watch some movies), doesn't it?

  3. Winter floated in yesterday.... but came in earnest today. Brrrr.....

    Why is it that the new idea so often makes the 'old' feel passe, even tho we were enjoying that one too!

    But I can see why you'd be drawn to the cheery cherries......

  4. Snow is just so exciting to me (cause we never get any I guess!) I haven't done much today at all. Took the homeschooled kids out to do something fun, and picked up some DMC thread for a project that has stalled due to running out of thread. And that's about it. The temperature in Perth today sounds dreadful. It is quite mild here in Adelaide today. 21? 23? Something like that. I may stitch this evening when everything else quietens down.

  5. Ohhh that snow! I hope it will stay away here for a bit longer, but we might have some next week already...

    Red and aqua... yummy!

    I hope to be working on projects that I planned to work on yesterday, but I’ve been busy with all kinds of nothing and another day went by in a blink... LOL!

  6. Wow - that snow and fabric look a lot more picturesque and enticing than Melbourne's grey drizzle and the ikea nightmare going on at my place!

  7. So much snow already? I think I can still wait for it! I'm now drinking another cup of tea and finishing some more Christmas pressies!

  8. the snow is lovely, the deep freeze isn't nor are Calgary roads! I am working on my fall leaves quilt still, a couple of baby quilts, and always my hexagon flowers oh and a pillow top for a swap...I have to get started on my nephew's Christmas present of a quilt! ugh

  9. Pretty snow - there's just something so peaceful about it. Our promised snow hasn't arrived yet - probably won't until sometime in January. Today, I'll be sewing with a friend - a frilly little apron for her granddaughter - yesterday when you posted this, I was working on some more sampler blocks. Blessings, Peg

  10. Ooo, how lucky for you to be stuck indoors. Can't wait to see the re-worked red and aqua piece!

  11. those hexies are great! i love them in plaid.

    the cherries and red together are always great. so so good!


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