Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fueled by chocolate

Mmmm... I love good chocolate and like to joke that it fuels my creativity (sounds like the best way to rationalize having more, right? ;o).   A few posts ago I happened to mention I had all I needed to be creative EXCEPT some chocolate.   Guess what?  My generous friend, (and self admitted fellow chocolate lover), Brenda, took it upon herself to send me some extraordinary chocolate.
 Such pretty packaging too!
 Little did I know that the chocolates inside that blue box would taste so divine.  They were truly beyond compare.  Yum!   Sweet Brenda also included a Battenburg lace stocking filled with chocolate, but words that she wrote were the kindest gifts of all.  Thank you, Brenda, I'm savouring it all.
 That chocolate seems to have done the trick.  I have all three of my machines whirring away with gift making.  Along with some doll clothes, doll making, stuffie making and bag making;  I'm whipping up some pjama pants.  This eleventh hour burst of creativity must be due to that fabulous chocolate! ;o)


  1. There... CONTENTMENT ... at its happiest. When chocolates and beautiful thoughts and creative expression all meld together....

    what more could a person ask for?

    Happy to see the package arrived safely. Those chocolates ARE yummy aren't they?!!

    Happiest of Holidays...... enjoy those last minutes creative moments!

  2. Oh chocolate!!!
    Wishing you and your family a very Sweet Merry Christmas!

  3. hi ya – just awarded you a ‘stylish blogger award’ – if you wish to accept it just copy and paste from my blog



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