Friday, December 3, 2010

Getting carried away

making scrappy blocks.  I can't stop.  I cut some pieces, stitch them up and find myself cutting and stitching again
and again...
so that before I realize it, a few blocks

 turns into this....
 It's like magic.
 I really can get carried away when it comes to trying out ideas with my scraps.
Crazy, because I'm not even making a quilt with all these blocks.  Any guesses as to what I might be making???


  1. Umm ... curtains? Tree skirt? Santa sack?
    Whatever it is, it's very pretty.
    Andi :-)

  2. very pretty. I'd guess tree skirt too, But it would make an excellent quilt!!!

  3. I guess the tree skirt guess might be the right one! It looks lovely!

  4. who cares what it will be, it's adorable!!! you've got a thing for red and white this year eh!

  5. This would be a fabulous Christmas shower curtain! It really looks good.


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