Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Creative inspiration is as near as the local library...

and what could be nicer than a good book and a cup of tea on a cold wintry day?  Here's some of the titles I'm currently indulging in.

 How about a peek at one of the projects inside Dare To Be Square Quilting?....
 or a glimpse of my favourite design from Patchwork Comforters, Throws and Quilts?...    

All this inspiration has me bookmarking ideas to try and digging out fabrics to stitch them up!  Here's extra motivation to put all that inspiration to use....

Perhaps you know of the devastation from flooding in Queensland, Australia?  It's unbelievable and my heart goes out to all those affected.  I would like to help and found that Toni from Make it Perfect has organized an online auction with all of the money raised going directly to the Queensland Government Flood Relief Appeal.   We have the opportunity to support the auction by donating or by bidding (or both!).   All the details can be found on Make it Perfect,  with the master list of bloggers who will be participating (by running auctions from their blogs, selling products that they make or from their stores) posted on Monday January 17th.   The auctions will be open for one week (closing Jan. 24th).

Go to Make it Perfect for updates and information on how you can participate in the online auction.
  I want to participate by donating something handmade to be auctioned off to help raise relief funds.  I just need to determine what to donate and get the details up in another post!  I already know of at least one other blogger with her donation posted (besides Toni).  Visit Jodi to see what handmade goodness she will auction off to help raise money for the Flood Relief Appeal.


  1. Oh wow.... wonderful books to 'drool' over...... I love visits to the local library!

    Lovely that there are people like you who are not only beautiful on the outside, but your hearts are quilted with kindness and caring for others.....

  2. Lovely stash of books!

    The flooding in Australia is awful. We have floodings in Holland too, but on a much smaller scale. The devastation in Queensland is unbelievable indeed. Good for you to open your heart and make or donate.

  3. Great books! I have a couple of those at my house.

    Those Aussie floods are pretty awful. I grew up in Brisbane and experienced the 1974 floods firsthand. I have family there, but fortunately they are all fine.

  4. I love when I go to the library and leave with a stack of books. I feel like its Christmas and I hit the motherload.

    I will check out that auction. Thanks for letting me (well, everyone) know.

  5. I wish my library was like yours!!! I'd save a fortune on books...


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