Sunday, January 9, 2011

On my list

Happy 2011!

I'm back to blogland feeling refreshed after the holidays.  I hope you are too.  Now, like many of you, I've spent some time making various plans and lists of all I want to fill this year with.  Lots of plans and dreams have been written up, right along with my ever present 'to-do' lists.  I even updated my sewing and quilting WIPs list.  At the top of that list is the hexagon quilt made from plaid shirts I started this fall for my son.  Dedicating my afternoon to it, I got the basting completed and began quilting.  About 3 full bobbins worth of stipple quilting in, I broke a needle, only to discover that something more serious was wrong.

I discovered that I have managed to break my second free motion quilting foot for my machine.  Pictured below, is the original foot (on the left) that came with my Janome 7500.  I wore out the little metal pin at the top of that foot  back in 2007.  The replacement foot is shown on the right and somehow I've created a crack in the plastic shaft so that the foot shifts right into the needle's pathway (the reason behind the needle breaking), therefore bringing my free motion quilting plans to a full stop.   Argh.
Looks like this quilt will stay on my WIP list a  little longer!  Guess what is now on the top of my shopping list? ;o) 


  1. Happy New Year Katherine! Good to see you’re back and feeling refreshed!

    Boohoo for the broken Janome feet! I’ve had the same problems. Makes me think it’s a production issue at Janome!

  2. Awww nuts! That's just a tad frustrating to say the least, especially when everything was looking so wonderful! Your quilt is to die for!!! My Janome machine is acting up too. I've broken 3 needles in the last 2 weeks. I best get it checked out pronto! Hope you're up and running really soon Katherine!

  3. All that the breakage tells me is that you have managed to make a "whale of a lot" of quilts. Yeah, Katherine. What an accomplishment!

  4. Happy New Year! That is a bummer and a half! I need to get my sewing area cleaned up from the Christmas explosion so I can work on some quilting skills!

  5. don't you just hate when you finally got the urge to get something done and bang a brick wall or in your case a broken foot. Good luck going to the LQS and buying just a foot! stay warm!


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