Taking Shirts Off His Back Quilt

Okay, I didn't actually take the shirts off my son's back, although I will admit to sneaking some from his dresser (in my defense the ones I took were worn out at collar and cuff).    Teasing aside, I'm happy to show the finish to the hexagon quilt made from his outgrown shirts and some thrifted ones.  Look at all that plaid! He loves it.  Every single block is plaid, the randomly pieced border is plaid,
even the binding is plaid!
The piecing of each block required matching of the plaids - because I wanted the hexies to look unpieced.  It made it a bit time consuming, I will admit, but I like the end result of that extra effort.  Then I stipple quilted the whole quilt - thought it would give a nice texture and be a speedy way to finish and then... there was the setback.

The best part about the break down of my second darning/free motion embroidery foot was finding out about this lovely upgrade....   This foot looks like it was built to last - no plastic bits to break and it has 2 springs and an adjustment screw along with another two feet I can interchange on it (one with an open toe and the other with a clear and wider base which will be great for applique).
Wow, what a difference that new foot made!  It works so much better than the other two that I wore out and it's not noisy (which is a plus because I like to listen to audio books or put on a movie when I sew).  I still need to experiment with the new foot - play with the spring adjustments to quilt on various thicknesses and try out the other two attachments.  Who knew that having to replace the darning foot would bring about such fun upgrades!
Back to the quilt... here it is on my son's bed along with the reading pillow, which was my first foray into hexie making ....

Curious as to what is under the plaid???

More plaid! lol


  1. Love love love it! It looks all warm and snuggly!

  2. Superb quilt! A good idea for shirts worn))

  3. That is one handsome quilt. He will take it to school as well as use it when he has his own home. It really has endurance style. I'll bet he loves it. The colors are so perfectly placed that I am sure you put it down on the rug and studied and moved it around until it was perfect.
    do you listen to mysteries while sewing. I have a bunch of mysteries on tape that I have accumulated from the excess pile at the library. They are on tape and no one seems to want these orphans. If you would enjoy them, I would be happy to send them to you.

  4. Congratulations!
    Both are beautiful, but personally I prefer the one in hexagons.
    See you soon.

  5. I totally love repurposing fabric like that! The plaid looks great. Beautiful.

  6. Lovely quilts and the meandering quilting is perfect! Glad you got a new foot...sounds like it's better than the old one!

  7. Just noticed this post about the shirt quilt! I love it, since I like to make things out of shirts, too! Beautiful work!


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