Monday, February 28, 2011

It's still cold and wintry here,

so I happily stayed inside to piece my freeform quilt design idea while my husband helped me out by working on the techie stuff for my tutorial this weekend.   Turns out, what I was doing was less complicated, so I had better success. :o)  I look forward to sharing my tutorial with you, but since this is my first time to transfer my pattern into a pdf file, it's taking more time than I thought it would.  It's getting those pieces the right size that has been causing more trouble than I thought it should. Obviously, being a novice at all this is slowing the process down.  Thanks for your patience while we work it out.
 Back to my weekend sewing...Belle did a lovely job stitching up all those scraps to make a quilt top 52" x 57".  I'm impressed that I had enough scraps, which includes the background whites, to make something this size.   I'm just debating whether I should stop here or make it bigger (because yes, I still have some scraps left to use... surprise, surprise ....;o).
I wish the photo was brighter, but between the lack of sunshine on this blizzard-y day and the dark wood background, this was as good a shot as I could take today.  At least I don't feel guilty putting on some homemade soup, baking some bread and then sitting down to do some more sewing.  That's the upside to having cold, snowy weather.  ;o)


  1. looks great. I have been busy sewing today and just took a break, came up from the basement and wow it is storming out there. I did go out earlier, but to the dentist for another root canal. ugh. Stay warm

  2. It's cold here in Ontario, too *brrrr*. It looked really bright and sunny and melty out today (water was running down the street from melted snow, YAY!) but when I went out to get the mail, I just about froze my babushkas off! Spring is just around the corner, though ... I hope *shivers and crosses her fingers* :)

    Still loving your quilt and still want to make one in oranges. I told myself I wouldn't even CONSIDER starting a new project until I got another UFO completed. I got it completed today :D I already ironed a few orange FQ's, for that magic moment when rotary cutter hits cutting mat ;)

  3. it's cold here in Kuala Lumpur too, but no snow.. we are blessed with rain every morning.. :D

    Love your quilt top.. just can't believe it was from scrap..

    such an inspiration.. thanks :D

  4. Spring is arriving here...but we never know ;)
    I've passed the same troubles with pdf format when I wanted to publish the illustrated glossary. I got it through google but it was a lot of work. I intended to actualize it but I gave's much easier when you have a site not a blog! But can't wait for that pdf!!!
    As usual your quilt is wonderful!
    Have a great week, Katherine.

    xx Meri

  5. What a funky quilt top!!!!!! I like it!

    Quiltingly Yours

  6. I really like your quilt. I'll bet that this becomes one of your favorites. And if you give it away, your mind will go back to it over and over again. It has so much character!

  7. Sounds like you've got the ideal day...soup, bread and sewing!

    Keep warm!


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