Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Inspired by a simple design

 Can you believe that this bag design is made from a single piece of fabric?  Okay, it's actually oilcloth, but still, I made it using only one pattern piece.  One piece!  What could be simpler?
 Now my mind is dreaming up all kinds of ways to jazz it up for variety.   I've sketched up at least a half dozen new versions and can't wait manifest those ideas.   Simple designs are such a great place to start and they always inspire me.
On another note, perhaps it's time I ask for help in simplifying.  How do I keep a (scanned in at the right size) pattern from changing sizes when I convert it to a pdf file?  I'm sure there's something simple that I'm not doing right and it's the whole reason I haven't shared my mini back pack tutorial - you can't make my design without the correct size pattern pieces - and I'm not sure where I'm making a mess of it.  Or if there's a better or easier way than going with a pdf file to share the pattern pieces (which fit easily on a standard size of paper), I would love the help.   Any suggestions?


  1. I wish I could be of help. I have done it but to be honest I wouldn't know what I did Good luck!

  2. hi there
    the bag is real pretty as it is. Can you tell me where you got the pattern? I would love to get it!

  3. Lovely bag Katherine! I’m afraid I can’t be of any help concerning the PDF, cause I work with Apple Mac and I’ve never experienced changed sizes.
    Did you check if the settings are at 100%? In what programme did you make the PDF?

  4. Yea, I like the box like shape, I've made a smaller version as a pencil case for hubby with false leather. It'really nice. Can't wait to see what twist you gonna add to this one ^_^ Virginie

  5. Love the bag and the fabric is terrific but please tell me how you sewed the zipper in a one piece of fabric.
    I will be indebted to you forever!


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