Thursday, March 31, 2011

Uh-oh...I've reached the limit

I was all excited about sharing photos of my completed project using those patchwork crosses... only to be thwarted by the news that I'd reached my limit  for free photo storage for my blog.  How nice to not have any warning on this!  Funny thing is that I remember checking my account not that long ago and as far as I could tell, I was nowhere near the limit.  I just tried to buy some storage space, but that went sideways (not sure why it wouldn't accept my payment) and now I have to wait 24hours before it will allow me to try again.  sigh.

Anyone else have this happen?

Not only no photos for this post -  apparently, I can't even link to a prior post now.  I learn something new about blogging all the time. ;o)   I will be posting those finished project photos as soon as I can sort this photo storage business all out.


  1. So far not... but too bad about not getting any warning.......

    In the meantime, we'll wait with bated breath for the uploading of your new shots soon.

  2. What a surprise indeed!
    Perhaps you have a picture twice (or more)posted and they fill the storage. you have post tutorials, tutorials on your sidebar and a page with tutorials.
    Did you download the pictures only once?
    This is only a thought...

  3. Do you know how to crop a picture in a post? If not let me know, I’ll tell you! It provides for a lot of extra space!

    he he, my verification word is PANIC

  4. happened to me in the fall; I'm thinking of making my blog into a book so I can delete all my old posts.

  5. Sorry to hear about your storage problem - I haven't thought about the limit in years so I went looking to see if I'm OK (I am, whew). They don't make it very easy to find! Hopefully this gets straightened out for you soon!

  6. No, no, no! Don't pay! Got to and open a (free) account. You can load thousands of pictures there. When you want to load one on your blog, hover over the picture in your album and a little box appears, the second one down is "direct link" click on the link it displays and it will copy. In Blogger, go to add a photo and click on the last option on the right "from URL", in the box paste your link from photobucket. Tada!

  7. Do you make your photos smaller (the file size) before you post them? I know how if you'd like to try that. I have used hardly any of my photo allowance. Email me if you'd like to know more.

  8. That happened to me awhile ago too and I ended up using Flickr (free account) to post photos. So far it works well.


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