Thursday, April 7, 2011

It can't be too far off...

Spring, that is.  Since our super snowy Saturday, we've had some blue skies, some melting and a backyard visit from this lovely fellow.

 He answered my questions about what season this is supposed to be and what does he eat when the ground is blanketed with inches of snow.
    Apparently our snow hasn't sent him flying off to warmer climates so, that means I should learn to be patient and trust that Spring will soon make it's appearance.
Keeping that in mind, I've spent the past few days doing some Spring cleaning, but I did take some time to work on a  project for a new friend.  I don't want to spoil the surprise, so I'm just giving a bit of a peek for now.  There's nothing so uplifting as working with cheery colours when it's dreary out (and as luck would have it, we received some more snow today... so in between my cleaning I'm taking time to play with more cheery fabrics ;o).

Okay, Mr. Robin, you better be right about Spring being on its way. ;o)


  1. I thought I might have heard the whistle a similar fellow in our neighbourhood... but it seems so unlikely as there isn't much that's free from snow. What would he eat?

    But what a treat to see the pics of the fella you spotted......

  2. We have had 80 degree days followed by snow a few days later then back to 70 degrees then 40 then 80...and guess what?! I am terribly sick from all of it! *cough cough* but on the mend and thinking about sewing again! I seriously need to first get my machine looked at so it will run better!
    And YES cheerful colors do make you smile!

  3. There's no snow in our 14 day forecast (Toronto area, but of course the weather report COULD be wrong), and we haven't worn hats and gloves for our morning walks now in TWO DAYS!!! My fingers are crossed!

  4. I'm so glad you are enjoying your little friend. I too have a squirrel-friend that returned recently. We feed him corn - he was pretty hefty before winter and on his return he was pretty skinny. So I put some more corncobs out for him. ;) cute bag!

  5. Hold tight... and keep the flow of cheery fabrics steady....

  6. I saw one on Sat admist the terrible snow storm. One day we might be able to open our windows and hear them chirping!

  7. Lovely pictures and I hope Spring arrived yet....


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