Wednesday, May 11, 2011

She needed some friends

It's been quite some time ago that I made my first Tilda doll, Violet, from this book.  She has been a constant companion in my sewing room, keeping watch over all things crafty, but she seemed lonely.

Now she has two new friends, Tansy and Ginger. 

 Don't they have a sense of style in their felted sweaters and bright slippers? ;o)

Life is better with friends!


  1. I love their clothes - very stylish!

    Pomona x

  2. They look so happy and stylish together.

  3. They are very elegant ladies!!!!! Their slippers are so beautiful.
    I am a very 'bright color' woman, it's not depending on the season. I LOVE reds and orange, red/brown and so on.......

  4. what wonderful little friends to have

  5. oh what fun..... the more friends the merrier!

  6. How fun! And yep, life is better with friends. I'll bet you smile each time to look over at them.

  7. Hallo, Heel mooi gedaan. Je brengt me op een leuk idee.
    ik heb 5 dames gemaakt uit de tilda maar ze hebben allemaal de zelfde kleding.
    Ga nu ze goed aankleden, truien en broeken en rokken.
    Groetjes Corry

  8. Love the trio! Life is better with friends. What would I do without my friends?

  9. owh my... i just adore their sweaters... :) and heels.. :)


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