Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Having a ball with Picnic and Fairgrounds...

I mentioned yesterday that I couldn't resist those Denyse Schmidt fabrics that Chase sent me.  I've been cutting, sewing, cutting some more, then quilting

making piping

and stitching on some vintage buttons.  More fun than the other things I have going on here at the moment. ;o)
Thanks for your sympathy over the flooding we had in our basement.  Fortunately, only two rooms were affected and it missed doing any major damage.   Since the only room in our basement with floor covering is my oldest son's bedroom ( newly laid hardwood flooring - thanks to my husband), we were lucky that the flooding just missed his room.  However, it did accumulate in my fitness room and in our storage room.  I was relieved that my treadmill, which was in a lake of its own, survived even though it was plugged in at the time (I just happened to have plugged it in so that the cord wasn't laying on the floor, which probably spared it).  The worst mess was in the storage room.  I'm still dealing with the aftermath of that.  We had to move it all upstairs - first to save what we could and then separate wet from dry - so the mess of dry boxes (and their contents) has taken over half of the living room and the wet ones have cluttered up the garage. Yuck.  In the grand scheme of things, this is all just inconvenience, I really don't have anything to whine about.  We caught the flood before it had time to saturate everything (perhaps all the boxes in the storage room were why my son's room didn't flood, if that's the case, I'm glad they were in the way and got wet instead of the water flooding his room).  We had a powerful wet vac to remove the water (waaaaaaay faster than me using my hand mop) and a huge fan for drying things after the water was removed.  We had the man power to haul our belongings out of harms way quickly.  For all that I'm thankful.  Although, having been through this (and not wanting to repeat this experience), I'm really suspicious that the flooding may have something to do with our neighbour's downspouts - especially the one that is directed towards our house. The land we're on, slopes away from our house, and from the looks of the basement, flooding isn't something that has been happening here for years.  Hmmm.  Would really like to figure this out before I start getting twitchy about flooding every time it rains. ;o)


  1. It seems to me that you were sent a SIGN from above. I believe that your lake-living treadmill is probably the cause of all of the problems, and should be exorcised and BURNED BY FIRE to prevent further atrocities from occurring. Treadmills are EVIL and should be EXPUNGED!!! ;)


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