Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm seeing half square triangles in my sleep.

Just a few days ago, this was all I had pieced and I wondered if I'd have enough scraps to make even a lap-sized quilt.  I thought I may have to resort to adding a border or two.

 I kept cutting and piecing, roaming through my stash, looking for whatever I thought might work.  I managed to re purpose the last bits remaining from a couple of dresses I made years ago along with pieces from a few shirts ( okay, Nicolette, I did end up grabbing some fabric from my plaid shirt stash... but only a little; nevertheless, you were wise to suggest this ;o).
I'm rather amazed when I look at it now.  I took those few rows of HSTs and I've managed to cobble together enough to double their length, and I nearly doubled the total number of rows (here's an in progress comparison...the rows now are almost the height of my wall!).
 There will be 19 rows, with 24 HSTs in each row when I'm finished piecing.   Whew.
 It has really helped being able to see the rows together on the wall as I'm sewing along.  The trick was to try to keep the various shades of blue from "clumping" as I wanted the layout to make the eye travel with the zig zag pattern the blocks make.

The end is in sight! I'm piecing the last two rows and then I will have 4 completed rows to add to the ones pictured above, making the total 19.  If I can, I may even add one more row to bring things to an even 20.   Now, I laugh, to think I was concerned I would run out of blues before I could make a bed sized quilt.  My face is a little red even to admit this. Sheesh. LOL  Sometimes it's nice to be wrong. ;o)


  1. I am really loving this Katherine! It prompts me to post my HST forays of this week. Hope you find enough to make it an even 20 rows. (NOW your stash will need replenishing for sure!)

  2. Really? You thought you would run out of blues?! HA! I love how it looks all together!

  3. Apart from lots of blue (shirt) fabrics you also need some persistance in making HST blocks. The quilt is beautiful Katherine!

  4. Looking fabulous!! Glad you had enough fabric:)

  5. i'm exhausted just looking at this! Love the zig zags!

  6. Its beautiful, I love blue and white and hsts. This is gong to be a wonderful quilt when you are finished!

  7. Your HST's multiplied exponentially - I wonder if they're part bunny, LOL! They're gorgeous - that is going to be an amazing quilt!

  8. By this time I would be seeing double!
    But the finish will be fantastic. I am totally impressed with your energy and sewing ability. This is a real treasure. I hope you plan to sign it because I am sure you will have a history and a following.

  9. Hello Katherine,

    This has certainly grown, the quilt will look amazing, it looks lovely on the wall,maybe another one for the wall!!!

    happy days.

  10. That is really amazing! It looks beautiful - and hanging on the wall really helps in seeing how it will look.

    Pomona x

  11. I'm having a little laugh right now picturing you walking (with purpose!) through your house scissors in hand, and a determined look in your eye, looking for "more blue"! Bet the boys were sure to hide any of their favourite shirts. ;-)

  12. Loving your little handmade bird decoration in that photo too, I can't remember seeing that before(although you know my memory). Felted sweater bits?


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