Friday, July 15, 2011

The quilt with the funny name.

 This morning, my youngest son was watching me hand stitch the binding onto this quilt and we were talking about the creative process - how being creative means taking risks.  It's amazing what you will discover and learn if you're willing to take risks.  He spoke of examples from his own experiences (he loves to draw and digital paint)  and then he pointed to the quilt I was working on, "Remember, you didn't initially plan to make a quilt?  Look what happened because you were willing to see what you could do with those scraps.  This quilt is a happy accident!"  
Knowing exactly what he meant, I decided what a fitting name for this quilt.
 My youngest son provided the name for the quilt and my oldest son helped me with the binding.  I was busy pulling fabrics to choose something for the binding and was getting perplexed.  I couldn't find enough yardage from any of the fabrics I used for the quilt top to make the binding.  Hearing me muttering, J asked why not just use some of each.  I nearly laughed, because that was the perfect solution (why do I try to make things hard when the answer is right before me and so simple?). LOL
 Happy Accident has a scrappy binding and the simplest quilting I've ever done on a bed sized quilt. It's stitch-in-the-ditch, which makes the solid backing come alive with an all over zig zag pattern. Yay!
 Sometimes, the risk of taking a mish mash of fabrics (some of which are just downright UGLY) can result in something pleasing.  That's truly one of the wonders of quilt making. This time it has led to one Happy Accident I don't mind having on my bed. ;o)


  1. That's one gorgeous looking "mish mash"! Those are some smart boys you have - the name and the binding are perfect :)

  2. I love happy accident.........perfect name.........

  3. You make a great team, the boys and you! All so clever and talented. Happy Acciden, wonderful name for the quilt!

  4. i always say that kids will say the wisest things if we take the time to listen. Beautiful quilt and name! How special that your boys helped you get it done!

  5. Another lovely quilt!
    It takes a skillful eye to bring that many fabrics together into a cohesive design.
    Beautiful work. :-)


  6. Love the name and love the quilt! The conversation has now been added to the "quilt" of your experience of family life. You will take it out in the future and examine it and realize that you have a very special person in your life!

  7. It's a beautiful quilt Katherine and I love the name.

  8. What a great name for that quilt. I've been following along as you posted about it and it turned out beautifully.

  9. what a BEAUTIFUL finish!!! it is a stunning quilt. and your son was spot on about the scrappy binding. what a genius finishing touch!

    love the simple zig zag quilting!

  10. You're right: Quilts incorporate in wonderful ways fabrics you would say "ugly" by first sight and make them part of a beautiful whole thing. Your blue and tan is a nice combination!


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