Friday, August 12, 2011

Whoooooo can resist?

Cute owls, bright colours, pretty fabric and  a super cute, easy pattern? 

Once again, this is one of the benefits of using my library card.  Even though my sons are now teens, I wanted to have a look through  Oliver + S Little Things to Sew: 20 Classic Accessories and Toys for Children  by Liesl Gibson.   It's a gorgeous book!  I fell in love with design she has for making a child size messenger bag.  I knew it would be a perfect gift for my 3 year old niece, so I started through my stash to see what I could come up with.

I had everything I needed, right down to the bag hardware!  This is where my thrift sale forays have paid off  - see the blue slider on the bag strap?  Yep.  Thrifted.  I had no idea what I would eventually use it for when I bought it, but I never worry too much about that when I find such goodies.

 Did I mention how clever, Liesl's pattern is?   I love all the bias binding for finishing the bag's edges. Self-made binding may take a little extra time to make, but I think it is so worth the effort.   Just try to find this shade of green in ready made binding! ;o)  Back to the pattern,  I only made one design change from the original.  I added an inset pocket to the back of the bag for fun (and honestly, in an attempt to use up the massive stash of thrifted zippers I ).
I should also admit I didn't use the recommended materials listed on the pattern - it suggests medium wt. fabrics like decorator weight fabric or canvas.  I used what I had on hand, which was some medium wale corduroy.  I interfaced the corduroy for the main flap along with the cotton used for the lining of the flap. It worked a treat.  Enough weight to keep the bag's shape, but not too bulky for sewing all those layers together.  For the strap, I used the same quilting weight cotton as the lining, but I interfaced it to give it more heft and stability.
The bag may be for little ones, but it's big on details!  I love the little side pockets and the extra pocket on the bag's interior.  I stitched the interior pocket so it would hold pencils, just in case my niece wants to tote some art supplies along.
Keeping with the simple design of the bag, I decided to add a couple of appliqued owls to the flap (thanks to Jacqueline for the scraps she's shared with me).  They add just the right touch.  Shall I admit that I've already cut out another bag?  Whooooo can resist?  Not me. ;o)


  1. Your 3 year old niece and your 40something year old Ontario internet buddy BOTH love that bag, lol!!

  2. Adorable bag! Your niece will love it!

  3. so beautiful, Katherine! you're so talented!

  4. What a great job you've done! I Love it:)

  5. I have a massive stash of sippers too! I am so loving this little cutie purse. I know my girls would go nuts for it. Looks like Christmas presents to me....


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