Friday, September 30, 2011

The little red runner in 9 patches.

Let's start with pictures of the binding for a change.  Bindings are always the endings to a quilted project, but this one is so good I want to show it first.

Now, we'll unroll that runner and have a peek at the backing and all the *ahem* straight lines I quilted.  Quilted in red thread for the topside and cream for the backing.  Just because.

 Flip things over and just look at all those red fabrics. sigh... All from my scrap bins and larger bits from my stash.  

I love how all those shades of reds play so nicely together.

There you have it.  My little red runner for fall.  Happily, this is not the end of my 9 patch projects in red.  I have a few more to finish, just in case you thought that I was done. ;o)
  I think I better hurry to complete them though, or I will miss being able to take pictures of them with the lovely leaves that are  falling, falling, falling here. (Why can't those prettily coloured leaves stay around a little longer than they do?  I'm not ready for the trees to be nekkid so soon.)

 Wishing you a Happy Autumn and a great weekend...  Now, go sew something! ;o)


  1. I am so impressed with your finish! It is lovely.

  2. Very pretty! I love how vibrant it turned out!

  3. Your table runner turned out so pretty. Great use of scraps. Love the binding that you used.

  4. Looks fantastic. Great outcome for a little playing around with scraps!

  5. I love how that binding looks in the first photo! Gorgeous tablerunner, but I bet it didn't make a dent in your red stash, lol!

  6. looks sweet! I love red and white creations! wish it were at my house ;0) thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Beautiful fabric choice for the binding and I'm impressed, that your quilting doesn't show any tension issues. I know from experience when you use red for the top and a light color for the back one may see little dots of red on the back. Really good job!

  8. love the *ehem* straight line quilting.. ;)

    Pretty color combination.. :)


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