Saturday, October 1, 2011

Purse Week Entry 2011

I was excited when I first read about this contest over at A Lemon Squeezy Home.  You know how much I like making bags.  This contest is right up my alley! So, I got out my sketchbook and began putting down my ideas, but nothing gelled for me.  Until the day of the deadline for entering.  After a crazy mad day of sewing - no test run on this baby, there was no time.  Here is my entry - uploaded with less than 30 minutes before the cut-off.  Whew.

 Want to see what kicked my creative juices into high gear?  This will prove that ideas can come from the strangest places. A leather jacket that I picked up a thrift sale about a year ago sparked an idea.  Looking at it, a lightbulb went off in my mind.   What if I made a bag using the front of the jacket including the inset chest pockets and the button front?....
 I ran with that idea and here's how I transformed that jacket into a bag, while preserving parts of the jacket's design.  The button front became one side of the bag, so that the chest pockets wrapped around to become pockets on each side of the bag.  Each of these pockets is large enough to hold a cell phone or my sunglasses. Handy!
I thought the original buttons were a bit too blah, so I changed them out for some fancy vintage ones.  They even mirror the shape of the poppies printed on the lining fabric.  Serendipity!
 The back of the jacket had a yoke, a center panel and two side panels.
 That yoke and panels were incorporated into the other end of the bag.  I cut up the rest of the back to make ruffles to add a little texture and the sleeves of the coat became the straps of the bag.  The bottom of the bag was cut from the remaining bits, leaving me with few scraps.
To finish things off, it seemed fitting to add a bold, bright print by Robert Kaufman as the lining for my new leather bag.  Interior pockets will help keep things organized.  The transformation from jacket to bag is complete.  I just wish this idea had not waited until the 11th hour to come to me! lol

Please go here to have a look at the other entries to the contest.  You'll be inspired by the creativity, I promise!
PS. You'll probably spot my second entry, made this summer. 


  1. Hi

    Love your back. A1 up styling!!


    New Zealand

  2. Beautiful Katherine! You are very clever and quick at sewing :)
    You gave me such a great idea... when I'll have some time-
    xx meri

  3. What a great transformation. Your bag looks fabulous.

  4. Its just fabulous - wonderful shape and gorgeous colour but looks really practical too.

  5. I adore this bag! I love the color and the texture and I buy leather/suede coats and thrift stores for the same purpose! Will you be sharing your pattern. New to your blog, got to take a look around.

  6. HO
    that bag is amazing. I could never in a million years look at a thrift store jacket and see anything other than a jacket, let alone a magnificent bag - I just don't have that kind of creative vision! I sure admire it in people who DO have it though!

    P.S. I did spot your other adorable entry - I recognized it before I even read the blurb, lol!

  7. What a beautiful bag. I ran to the thriftstore tomorrow to look for a jacket.... Whatan excellent idea!!!!


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