Tuesday, September 13, 2011


  Look what arrived on my doorstep (cue my happy dance...). :o)

 All this bounty came to me courtesy of Madame Samm over at Sew We Quilt as  my prize for winning one of her amazing giveaways in the Wantobe Quilter campaign that continues 5 days/week until the end of Oct.  That means the next winner could be you!  I hope seeing my winnings will encourage you to enter because Madame Samm really goes above and beyond in offerring spectacular prizes...PLUS... she's such a sweetie, she always tucks in a few extra goodies into every giveaway package she sends out.  Lucky me, I received  a couple of bottles of Tombo glue and four colours of Presencia threads as my extras!
 My prize (as shown on Sew We Quilt) was the Sizzix cutter, with the extra long cutting mat, along with the die to cut 2.5" strips ( you know I will be using this for quilting projects!)  and I also won the bundle of 1/2 yard cuts of the Tea Cakes fabric you see pictured above.  I've already given the cutter a test drive... oh, boy, is it quick and easy!  The fabric is just so yummy... I'm still dreaming up what I will make with them... I did however dive right in with using the Presencia threads that Madame Samm included as sweet extras to my main prize.  Aren't these threads pretty?
 I used the pink and the green threads to do some hand quilting on my  little blocks quilt project.  Here's a peek:
After seeing all that, I know you'd like to win something AND I want you to win, too.   Madame Samm has lots of great prizes to share with you.  Please register with me (see my sidebar on the right, for details) and then go visit Sew We Quilt and leave your comments so you can be entered to win some great sewing/quilting prizes.  You really don't want to miss out, do you?


  1. wow that's a great prize! I registered yesterday - hope I win something :)

  2. Great prize! I presume that the cutter is similar to the Go! Baby - which is all over blogland in giveaways. (I won one and love using it for 'difficult' blocks.) Well done you.


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