Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I've made more progress on my colourful crochet project over the past couple of days.  Oh, how I'm loving these colours together!

Meanwhile, it seems like winter has found us.  Here's a shot from my kitchen window yesterday...

with the forecast indicating that there'll be more of this today.


  1. Your crocheted doilies are beautiful. Yes, it is wintering here as well. Stay warm and cozy crocheting...

  2. Those dollies are beautiful. I hope winter is not coming soon in France, weather is just so lovely here. We had someone painting our barndoors, he was working in his T-shirt.....

  3. The colour in your crochet work brightens up what could be a dull day outside. Winter already! We had a heavy frost here last night - but the sun is shining now.

  4. I love that colour combo too!

    Snow...and I can't even tease you about your wretched weather because we've been having the same. ;-)

  5. I have to say, since I haven't check my favorite blogs, I look at your blog and it is truly daunting. Your creativity seems to flow in a constant stream.
    I love the bento box pillow and that whole series of beauties.
    This crochet piece is going to be wonderful.
    Keep pouring it out!

  6. Lovely! What are you making exactly?
    P.S.it snowed in Montreal today, too!

  7. The colours work really well together - what it is it going to be? Or are you going to keep us guessing . . .

    Pomona x

  8. Isn't it always way of cosy to sit down and crochet for a bit when the weather looks like the one of you picture?


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