Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Minutes-to-Sew Gift

Are you still sewing gifts for Christmas?  Need a last minute gift idea?  If you are and you do... then may I suggest this simple drawstring pouch...
I recently stitched up 3 of these little pouches in under 30 minutes and to make things even easier, I used fabric from a layer cake (10" pre-cuts).  I followed my tutorial (click here) to make these quick gifts.

The bright fabrics and ribbon for drawstrings, make these as pretty as they are easy to sew.

With the ribbon tied in a bow and the pouch empty, it looks like a flower.
It's the perfect size to store little treats in and a great little organizer that can be tucked into a larger bag.
One tip for making these pouches look their best?  Choose fabrics with lots of contrast.
I do think filling this little pouch with some chocolates would make a lovely gift.  Or you could tuck in bar of special soap with other bath treats.  These pouches make for a lovely presentation.

Just like spools of pretty thread, in my opinion, you can't have too many of these pouches on hand.  They're my number one, quick-to-sew gift idea!


  1. What a lovely idea,maybe i 'll try ......

  2. LOVE these! so many uses...still waiting for the fabric for my daughter's gift to arrive :)

  3. These are ADORABLE. To think you 'whipped' them up in under 30 minutes. I like those kind of projects.

  4. these are gorgeous, I may have to find some time to give these a try.


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