Friday, December 23, 2011

Twice is Nice

I've been in patchwork heaven, stitching up seasonal cushion covers.  This week's finishes, include  companions for my Sparkle Snowflake cushion.   The pattern (minus the applique snowman...which is my design), to make these patchwork beauties is from my talented friend, Amanda Jean.  She's just opened an online shop which is offering this pattern in pdf format for sale.

I thought adding applique to the center of the cushion would add a little extra something special and I had fun adding dimensional detail to the snowman.  His eyes are round beads, his mouth is embroidered, his scarf fringe is wool and his button front comes from my vintage stash.

I matched the patchwork on each cushion and reversed the snowman image - so the cushions aren't exactly the same.  The fact that they differ is also apparent in my non matching (read: wonky! ;o) embroidery for the mouths! lol


Twice really is nice!

I followed Amanda Jean's pattern for constructing the patchwork pillow front, but I did make a couple of small changes in finishing.  My binding is narrower than the recommended binding in the pattern and I also put zippers in the back of the covers, instead of the envelope closure.  These changes were just personal preferences for finishing  - you really can't go wrong following her pattern to a "t".  She even gives you suggestions for quilting your pillow.  I chose to duplicate the free motion quilting I used in my snowflake pillow.

I'm so tempted to keep these for our new bed,

but they're really meant for our living room.  I just need to make larger pillow forms to really plump these cheery fellows.  Currently the undersized forms have the cushion looking rather flat... especially in the corners, but that can wait.  I have some baking to do and high hopes of finishing another seasonal something for the living room, among other things that need doing around here at the moment. ;o)

I'm certain that a mini blog break is on the near horizon.  Time will be spent with family and enjoying treats of the season.   I want to wish you all a very happy holiday season.  May it be filled with joy, love and peace.  I'll be back here as soon as I can.  Take care!


  1. I thought the snowflake was great but these are adorable!
    Have a great christmas
    Pene x

  2. Oh, my goodness! These are soooo adorable! I love the appliqué in the center. What a great idea! I think they look wonderful on your bed.

    Thanks for your kind words about the pattern. So glad you like it!

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a good blog break, too! xoxo

  3. I am wanted to come by here since I saw these on my google reader and wanted to let you know- I love love your snowman! I am the secrete admire of Mr. and Mrs. Snowman! I have a little collection of them and I only bring them out on December 1st then they go home{ back to the boxes} on December 26th!

  4. Such cute pillows! I hope you're enjoying your blog break. I just popped over to wish you a very Happy New Year!

  5. I wish you a pieceful happy new year with lots of love.

  6. thank you for joining me in my celebration! you know that I love these! almost ready for them again...right? :) thanks for being a loyal reader through the years! XOXOXO

  7. Amanda Jeans's link up is going to be such a fun trip down memory lane! I love that you took her pattern and then made it your own with the addition of the appliqued snowmen.


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