Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cozy Toes

Still dealing with frosty temperatures here, although it has warmed up to -19C (-2F) today, which is way nicer than where we were earlier this week.  Luckily, it will be warmer by the weekend, with daytime temps. above zero.  Whew.  Just the same, with my last pair of slippers more than a little worse for wear, I got busy and knit a new pair because I hate having cold feet! 
The pattern to make these most cozy slippers is by Bev Galeskas and they are my all-time favourites. Here's how mine look one day after being felted (so I'm still waiting for them to completely dry before I can wear them).
Each time I knit a pair of these slippers, I have fun trying different colours.  This time around, I chose turquoise blue and chocolate brown.  My husband's comment about the colour referenced the Muppet, Grover.   Oh well, I make no apologies for my love of bright colours and take the teasing in stride because after all, I'll have cozy toes!  Thanks in part, to the fact that there's a double layer of felted knitting for the soles of these beauties.
Want to see how the slippers look before felting?  Pretty amazing that something this large and floppy
only needs some hot water, agitation and a touch of soap to shrink right down to fit me perfectly.  The transformation amazes me every single time I use this pattern .   Makes me want to knit a pair in every bright coloured yarn I can get my hands on!  I highly recommend making a pair if you like your toes to be cozy and warm.


  1. oh wow, I do love the way those cozy toes turn out. Makes me want to have icy feet and make some too. Too hot for slippers in my part of the world though.

  2. In these legs do not freeze!

  3. HO-LEE-SMOKES! I've seen photos of felted items but I've never seen a transformation like that one - it's amazing! How did you know that it would shrink to the right amount?!

  4. Love these! Do you think they are too difficult for a beginning knitter?

  5. Oh I LOVE them! It gets nowhere near as cold here, but Melbourne is colder than Adelaide and I would love some felted slippers like that. The colour is beautiful too.

  6. oh, i LOVE the color! a beautiful combination! well done:-)

  7. Wow, your slippers are so wonderful! I have some special 'wool yarn' which needs to be felted before using and I have been waiting for an inspiration how to make slippers! Thank you!
    x Teje


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