Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Drive Me Crazy 9 Patch WIP

Rather excited about starting that orange quilt for my husband, I have been sorting, ironing and cutting like crazy.  Despite it being late in the evening, I couldn't stop myself from tackling the piecing.  This is where the magic is... I love piecing!  Too bad I didn't temper my enthusiasm with some double checking...
because I may have avoided the major piecing boo-boo I ended up with.  This being my first time stitching up a crazy 9 patch block, I played it a little fast and loose with being disciplined on the order of the fabrics.  Like a house built of cards, it all came tumbling down when it came time to stitch the last seam to make the block.

  Each of the 9 blocks is to have 9 different fabrics in it.  That's the beauty of the Crazy 9 patch and what drew me to choosing these for my quilt.  Well, here's what happens when you don't make sure that between the sewing machine and ironing board that you didn't inadvertently, reverse the order of those 9 fabrics... you will end up with a block that looks like the one on the left rather than a correctly pieced one as you see on the right.  One block messed up, isn't terrible, but  due to the method of piecing a crazy 9 patch... the error is extended to include ALL 9 blocks in this set.  Major "uh-oh".  See how this could drive you crazy? ;o)...LOL...  Well, that mistake was humbling.... Can you say, "seam ripper"? ;o)
Leaving the ripping apart for the moment, I carried on with my next set of nine fabrics and made sure to not repeat the mistakes made on the first.

 Check out 8 of the 9 blocks I made from the second set of fabrics!  The blocks haven't been squared up yet, but I was so excited with the results that I had to show you.

Then I went on to sew the third set of fabrics, making another 9 blocks.  The dark brown Kona stands out like a beacon at this point, but I'm sure it'll be great once I decide on the final layout of my blocks (not that I'm finished making blocks just yet).

All this luscious colour is so energizing!  My husband is very happy with my results so far on his quilt.  I'm quite content to be staying indoors, drinking lots of tea and being creative while our cold weather continues.

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  1. Wow, really WOW . Those colors....... and the pattern is exactly what was needed for this fabric......

  2. They do look awesome. me too, not going out until I have to pick up my daughter after school. took her to 7:30am baskeball practice and I am still thawing out.

  3. Those colours really pop! I like the funky take on the 9-patch. Put on a good movie and pick away at those first patches.

  4. WOW! I love the sneak peek! I love the wonky 9 patch and the color is so yummy!

  5. Love the colours in your quilt...and you are going right to town with

  6. This is going to make a very interesting and colorful quilt your husband will love!

  7. I see why you're excited! Your colors pop and look great even in the tiny linkup thumbnail. I am sure your husband will love it!

  8. This is going to be a great quilt...look forward to seeing it progress.

  9. LOVE orange : ) Thanks for linking! ps - your blog looks beautiful!

    ~Monika K.
    sewing in Saskatoon

  10. Love all that orange...look forward to seeing the finished quilt! TFS

  11. What a lovely quilt! So vibrant! And....aren't mistakes just there for us to learn! Going to be fabulous!

  12. Hi Kathrine, I'm happy to meet you! Your quilt is going to be fantastic! I love those sunny colours and grazy 9 patches! I don't want to miss how your finish this and to see else you are doing, so I'll follow you!
    Sunny wishes from Greece! x Teje


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