Monday, January 9, 2012

Going round in circles

I've succumbed to the temptation of my yarns and now have a couple of different crochet projects on the go in between my quilting and sewing projects.  This particular project started out as a way to use up bits of left over yarn,

but quickly progressed into new skeins as well.  Colour gets me every time, no matter whether it's yarn or fabric. ;o)
I had so much fun playing with the arrangement of these circle 'granny square' blocks.  Once I determine the layout, each successive circle is crocheted to its adjoining block at the same time I crochet the square border around it.  Makes for a few less yarn ends that I will have to weave in later (which is always my least favourite part... just the same for when I quilt. I don't relish weaving in thread tails either...  I know,... whine, whine ;o).

A surprising discovery is that it took nearly a whole skein to make the background for all these blocks/motifs.  That means I won't attempt to make an afghan at this point, as tempting as the finished blocks look.  However, I can't claim to be finished just yet.

I'm going to keep going round in circles for awhile more because these fresh colours make me dizzy with happiness... and I need a few more to complete the project I have in mind


  1. Yarnicular eye candy - love it!!!! I sometimes go around in circles too, but I don't usually end up with something pretty to show for it, LOL! I wonder what you have planned for the blocks - does it end with "illow" and start with "p"? :D (My 23 year old does that to me - we have a deal in that I do his laundry if he cleans his room - so on room cleaning day he says ... "I have something for you, mom! It ends with "dree" and starts with "laun"! Love that boy (but don't love his stinky socks, HAHAHA) :)

  2. I must learn how to crochet as I really want to make a blanket for my grandchildren to use one day. My own children loved the blanket my own mum had at her house.

  3. Just to say love the use of the same colour to edge each circle.

  4. Wonderful, love the colours you used.

  5. Oh, how I love this!
    My sweet Gram used to crochet so this brings back many fond memories. I really like your contemporary spin on a vintage classic through the use of color. :-)


  6. Love your project! I'm also crocheting, soon I will share it on my blog!


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