Saturday, January 28, 2012

Granny has a happy ending...

It took me some time, but I have figured out how to finish my crocheted granny squares.  I now have two brightly coloured cushion covers!
Initially, I played around with crocheting the two to one another, but thought it would be nicer to have two cushions instead of one that was reversible.  Then I started considering backing the crochet  with a fabric back, but was concerned that with all the stretch crochet has, it would be an issue (plus I would have to finish the edges of the fabric to prevent fraying). 

Finally, I came up with using felted sweaters to make an envelope style backing for the covers.  It has proven to be the perfect solution!  I was able to incorporate the bottom hem of the sweater to make the lapped over edge and used single crochet to form a band with button loops.  Ta-da!  A removable cover and it even gave me the opportunity to use some vintage buttons on the back of one cushion.    Love, love, love it!
For the back of the second cover, I determined that 5 rather than 3 buttons, would work even nicer.  This time, I made some pretty self-cover ones to complement the colour of the cushion's back.

Joining the crocheted front with the felted sweater for the back was super easy.  I simply placed them right sides facing and whip stitched them together with yarn.  The stitches are visible, if you look for them, but I think it adds a homespun look and that's okay with me.

I'm feeling pretty happy that I was able to use not only left over bits of my yarn to crochet the granny squares, I made good use of some felted sweaters and buttons from my stash.  Pretty satisfying, I must say and well worth the time it took for me to figure out the best way to finish them! ;o)

How lucky to discover that the bright yarns in my new crocheted granny cushions go so well with the beautiful quilt I received from my lovely and talented friend, Nicolette.   Don't they look made for one another!

 I'm a little high on the success of this project and with my fingers crossed, I'm inspired to give another crochet project ,  it's own happy ending this weekend.

Wishing you a happy, creative weekend!


  1. I love the way you have finished the cushions. It is perfect!

  2. What a great idea.... love it

  3. Your finishing and your finish are inspiring!

  4. I found your blog through Heather's A Handmade Life! I'm an athletic person and normal clothes don't fit me and I will be investing in a sewing machine soon to make myself custom clothes and make gifts for family and friends. My family and friends don't really know I have an interest in sewing, baking, gardening, cooking etc. Your blog has soooo much material and tutorials, I knew I just HAD to subscribe. Folks don't usually think of me as the "home-y" type when I compete and pull hideous amounts of weight. LOL.

  5. You always manage to come up with the best ideas and creations - your mind must NEVER stop whirring! Love the pillows, especially the amazing backings! The quilt is gorgeous too - insert drooling here :D

  6. Beautiful pillows! I also used the remnants of yarn and cloth bound)))

  7. What a very good idea to use those felted sweaters . I want to make some cushion covers with some pieces of my Sue Spargo last years BOM. I was thinking about what kind of fabric to use for the back. I can start now, i have enough felted sweaters and vintage buttons....

  8. Hi Katherine! Your pillows look so wonderful! I missed crocheting and made few flowers for my scarf today! What a great idea to use felted knitting for the other side of the pillow!
    x Teje

  9. Inspired by your grannies squares, I have bought a pattern and some lovely yarn. I now need to learn how to crochet the square.

  10. they are just beautiful, Katherine! i need to add these to my to make list. i love granny squares, but don't want to make a whole afghan. but cushions are PERFECT!!! i love your backing solution, too. you are a smart one! i love how the cushions match your beautiful quilt from Nicolette. it has to make you smile every time you see it, i would guess!

  11. These turned out so pretty! I don't crochet, but can appreciate how much work that is. Thanks for linking up!

  12. Oh my gosh, you have been so busy, I have quite some catching up to do! Love your granny cushions and they look so fab against the quilt(ing)!

    I’ve seen a tutorial on how to make granny square quilt blocks, I’m sure you will love them too!!

  13. The backing is brilliant!

    I'm happy to find another crochet enthusiast out there. :) I'm about to become your latest follower..... ;)



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