Just in time for Valentine's Day

 My newest design...  the One Heart Reading Pillow!

The shape of this pillow is perfect for reading in bed due to it's triangle shape which keeps your back supported.  Although I've made this style of pillow before, I started out with the idea of piecing a heart from scraps. 

A year ago, I drafted a heart shape, then paper pieced red/pink/white fabrics together and hand appliqued them to the white background fabric.   The whole pillow was white and I was going to cover it with free motion quilted writing.  Then I changed my mind and the project was put aside.  A new year, brought me new ideas.  I realized this would be a perfect opportunity to use my burgeoning button collection.

Once I sorted out which buttons I wanted to use (avoiding any with shanks), I used a dab of fabric glue to position the buttons in place.

The purpose of using washable fabric glue?  I wanted to temporarily hold the layout of those buttons so that I could machine stitch them in place.    I've sewn buttons on using my machine for many years now, although this is the first time I've used glue to hold buttons in place before sewing, but it worked quite well.

Check out the button love!

The next new idea for the pillow was to eliminate all that white!  I decided the back of my reading pillow could be made using red and cream pieces left from my Pretty Please quilt, supplemented by pinks from my scrap bin.  I was trying to repeat the colours used for the scrappy pieced heart in pinks and reds on the pillow front.

Circles were quilted on the red/pink zig zags, while the cream fabrics were quilted with the word "love" running across the width of the pillow.   A fun way to practice some free motion quilting!

Figuring out how to quilt the pillow front had me stumped.  Every idea I sketched up got tossed aside until I remembered how I quilted my Forgotten Charms  quilt.  I loved the texture those swirly "S" shapes made, so that became the quilting design outside the heart on the front.

Determined to make this completely from my stash, I found that the only cording I had to make piping was quite large.  I'll admit, it was more challenging to sew, especially at the points of the pillow, more than narrow piping would've been, but I do like how you see more of the dotty print I used for the piping this way.  Speaking of dots... couldn't resist more dots for the pillow's side panels.  You know my love of dots! ;o)

The underside of the pillow is a solid piece of fabric, rather than patchwork.  I do love how this tonal print ties in with all the patchwork fabrics.

Can you see the hidden zipper that makes this cover removeable?

One Heart is made up of so many of my favourites...pretty scraps, buttons, polka dots, pinks with reds... sigh... that I'm looking forward to putting it to use the next time I want to settle in to read a favourite book. 

I'm linking up with Fabric Tuesdays over at Quilt Story.

***Edited to add***
There have been some questions about the pattern for my pillow and due to the interest, I'm seriously considering making it into a PDF pattern and selling it.  I need your help in deciding.

  I'm thinking of giving several options for it.  One would be basic (no patchwork) and perhaps a couple other versions.     Would you like the pattern to be in a tutorial style or would written directions with a few pictures work best for you?  I could include instructions for the patchwork plus applique as well as how to make your own piping.  What do you think?  Thanks so much for your lovely feedback.  I really appreciate it!

 One Heart is a pillow cover(it has a hidden zipper), which means I also sewed and stuffed the pillow insert that fits inside the cover.  Hope that helps.

**** Thanks for your feedback! I have a reading pillow pattern available in PDF format . The wedge shape of the pillow is the same, but instead of a heart on the front panel, this new version (click here to read post) features hexagons that can be made using pre-cuts.

 NOTE: from this pattern, you will sew the pillow cover (with hidden zipper closure) and  then you sew the pillow form (which you will stuff) to insert inside the finished pillow cover.   


  1. Absolutely fabulous! I can't decide what I like more, the fabrics, the buttons, the quilting; it's awesome!

    What pattern is the quilt on the bed? It's beautiful.

  2. Beautiful! I especially love the love FMQ-ing!!

  3. Gorgeous, Katherine! And very practical too. I think perhaps one could also use it to watch an adaptation of that very novel on the laptop too. ;-) Something I've taken to doing so that I can watch without interuption from all the "boys" in my family.

    Love all those buttons and how wonderful that you can use your sewing machine to do that.

  4. Lovely cushion pillow. Just right for now.

  5. There are so many fabulous details in this pillow, Katherine! It's absolutely perfect!!!

  6. Lovely pillow! Do you sell the pattern? This shape of pillow is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!

  7. Wow! You are one seriously talented lady! I am a very amateur seamstress and it is a very enjoyable pastime but what you are doing is WAY out of my league! Nicely done!

    Glad to find your blog through Heather! I'm looking forward to following you!

    Warm wishes from Kansas!

  8. Katherine, it's gorgeous! I've pinned again... sorry!

    Me and Mr CA could really do with a couple of these as we read in bed every night and spend half the time tugging and pulling our pillows into place, so can I quiz you on it? What do you use to fill it? Approximately what size is it?

  9. So is this just a cover for an existing pillow? or did you stuff this yourself?

  10. OMGoodness... You are outdoing yourself.... taking it all to a whole new realm of awesome creativity!


    And am I excited to think you are going to turn it into an earning project too! Perfectly button-ly splendid!

  11. Gorgeous pillow, Katherine!
    The buttons make it sparkle! And that pink and orange piping...LOVE. So pretty. :-)


  12. That is utterly brilliant, I love it!

  13. That's a really great idea to shape the pillow so it's supporting the back! (Why didn't I came up with it ;-)? )
    Your pillow is so pretty - quilting, shimmering buttons, the heart, the backside - wonderful

  14. Really, really lovely. The piping really sets the whole thing off. And your stash must be endless. did you finish this in a day?

  15. wow! I would love the pattern. Simple pattern, no patchwork. Tutorial or written, whatever you prefer. I am sure it would sell!

  16. wow! I would love the pattern. Simple pattern, no patchwork. Tutorial or written, whatever you prefer. I am sure it would sell!

  17. And a nice massage the buttons will give while you read! This pillow is so so cute!

  18. Maybe late to comment but, yes I hope you offer a pattern. The exact pillow is what I would like to make. The more step photos the better for me. Pictures really help to follow, more than written directions.
    This would bust some buttons from my dear mums button box. I'm thinking all colors of scraps for the heart so I could use many button colors.
    Any info on that lovely blue and red quilt under the pillow? Maybe I missed it in a different post.

  19. I was wondering what the dimensions of the pillow are...I would also love the pattern or tutorial for this pillow or the plaid reading pillow.

  20. What is the pillow form you use and where do you get ut?

  21. Great question, Polly! I sewed the pillow form (using the same pattern for the pillow cover) and then stuffed it to make the insert for this pillow.


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