Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Keeping busy

between several projects this week, I've also managed to lose some time on Pin interest.  Ack.  All that pinning sparked more creative ideas, which means more projects I want to make, so there's a mess happening in my sewing room at the moment.  Looking at what I've pinned, it should come as no surprise that a few new crochet granny squares are underway.  I just can't seem to get enough of bright colours right now.

Speaking of bright colours, I am making steady progress on my Orange Twirl blocks.  After some sewing time  early this morning, I went from having just over half the blocks pieced,

Finished blocks are on the left... waiting to be pieced (with one block at my sewing machine at time of photo) are those on the right.
to being two-thirds finished.  Although the piecing does take a little time, I made it longer because I kept playing with the layout of the fabrics and even cut new ones to add some spice to the mix. ;o)  I'm pleased with the look so far and fingers crossed I will finish piecing today.

The last project I'm sharing today, is one I am so close to finishing.  I crocheted up different sized motifs in 3 different colours for a project near the end of 2011.  It's been waiting for me to block it before I can assemble it.  Not hard, right?  But it meant I needed my whole ironing board to use as a pin board and that meant not being able to use my ironing board for anything while I was blocking my crochet.  Lame excuse for not blocking sooner, but that's me. ;o)  Anyways, last night I pulled out those motifs and grabbed some straight pins. 

Please excuse the ugly steam stains on my ironing board.  Can you believe I made this cover new about 6 months ago?  I guess that reveals just how much I use my ironing board!
The good news is that as of this morning, all those motifs have been blocked.  Time to stitch them together.  It would be good to have at least ONE finish this week. ;o)  What are you working on this week?

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  1. All your projects are lovely but that snail trail is grabbing my attention!

  2. Perhaps you are trying to keep the winter blahs at bay by creating with such wonderful colours.

  3. What fun colours and fabrics in your Orange Twirl quilt! That's going to look fabulous!

  4. Wow, great projects! I love your quilt as I have said! And your crocheting is fantastic!
    x Teje

  5. These crocheted flowers are lovely, bright colors is what we need at the moment...... I am working on a red and white small applique quilt.

  6. What pretty, pretty doilies! And I love your snail trail project.

  7. I love the bright colors of your Granny Squares. I can't wait to see your Orange Twirl quilt finished. That's going to be stunning. The crocheted pieces in the bottom pic look so pretty and delicate. I've never crocheted anything like that.

  8. Sounds like you need a padded board covered in some beautiful fabric that you can use for a blocking pad whenever you need it... :-)

  9. Love the the design:) I have found Pintrest too...and I found a Kaffe fusion quilt?...part crochet, part fabric. It looks very interesting.

  10. oooh, looking forward to finding out what the crochet motifs turn into! I block on the floor. I put an old towel on the carpet and pin into that.

  11. Sweet Sweet! I just adore crochet! thank you for linking to TN&TN! ; )

    sewing in Saskatoon


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